10 Piece Kneeling Nativity With Creche

10 Piece Kneeling Nativity With Creche

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Kneeling Nativity with Creche, 10 Piece Set
Catholic Nativities and Christmas Displays

This unique scene features all of the figures kneeling before the newborn King of Kings, the Lord Jesus Christ*, Savior of the world. And a resin stable with inspirational verse on the back wall.

Verse on back wall of stable reads:
When I think of our Lord's Nativity, a rustic manger is what I see, Where a newborn baby nestles in straw, and shepherds tell of angels they saw. Mary glows in Joseph's lantern light; Wise Men rejoice at the wonderful sight. This gathering some might see as odd, but each had answered the call of God. The angel was first to understand that God's own Son as Savior was planned. He appeared to Mary; then on Christ's birth, joined the heavenly chorus of Peace on Earth. Mary humbled accepted God's plan; through her His only Son become man. Joseph obeyed; took Mary as his wife; he'd teach the boy a carpenter's life. Shepherds were first the glad tidings to hear; they hastened to the Lamb, forgetting their fear. Wise men endured a journey from afar bearing gifts for the King, led by a star. Now awe fills each heart, in that stable among cows, then in the Child's presence every knee bows. In my heart I join them as they are kneeling there; that Christ was sent for me I thank my God in prayer.

*Removable Baby Jesus
6 inch figures / Stable measures 22 x 13 x 3.5 inches.
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