16 Marriages That Made History

16 Marriages That Made History by Gerard Castillo

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Author: Gerard Castillo
Softcover - 262pp

When we think of famous persons in history we usually remember their great deeds in the areas of science, politics, art, etc. But for some, their greatest achievement in life was not played out before the public, but rather took place within the private sphere of their marriage. The world may remember them for their extraordinary gifts and accomplishments, but they, at the end of their lives, were most mindful of their greatest love: their spouse.

This Catholic book honors the hidden love adventures of several famous persons in history. It offers concrete examples of marriages that transformed these well-known individuals in deep and personal ways. These are not fairy tales of marriages made in heaven; they are stories of real people with real struggles, who, through their marriage, were challenged, strengthened, and encouraged to grow in their capacity for love.

In this book, you will learn:

- How marriages can grow stronger through time
- How marriage can provide tremendous strength for facing lifes difficulties
- How people with very different personalities can be completely united in marriage
- How one womans selfless love saved her marriage
- How a queen learned to put her husband and her marriage ahead of power
- How one couples united search for truth led them to embrace the Catholic Faith

This book will help to restore your confidence in the power of marriage. It is recommended for those just starting out on their marriage journey as well as for those already well advanced along the path. Placed into the cart or wish list above.