A Big Heart Open to God

A Big Heart Open to God

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A Conversation with Pope Francis
Interviewed by Antonio Spadaro, SJ
Spiritual Reflection by James Martin, SJ
Foreword by Matt Malone, SJ
Hardcover - 150 pp

The world was shocked when Jesuit magazines across the globe simultaneously released an exclusive interview with Pope Francis, just six months into his historic papacy. Within minutes of its release, the interview dominated the worldwide media. In a wide-ranging conversation, Pope Francis spoke movingly about his spiritual life, his hopes for church reform, his open-minded stance toward gays and lesbians, his views on women, and even his favorite movies.

"America" magazine, where the idea for the interview originated, commissioned a team of five Italian-language experts to ensure that the pope's words were transmitted accurately into English. Now this remarkable, historic, and moving interview is available in book form.

In addition to the full papal interview conducted by Antonio Spadaro, SJ, on behalf of the Jesuit journals, this Catholic book includes an introduction by the editor in chief of "America", Matt Malone, SJ, describing the genesis of the interview, a series of responses by a diverse range of Catholic voices, and a spiritual reflection on the interview by James Martin, SJ

In this historic interview, Pope Francis's vision for the church and humanity itself is delivered through a warm and intimate conversation, and he shows us all how to have a big heart open to God. Add to your cart or wish list above.