A People of Hope by Cardinal Timothy Dolan & John Allen Jr

A People of Hope by Cardinal Timothy Dolan & John Allen Jr

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The Challenge Facing the Catholic Church and the Faith That Can Save it
By: Cardinal Timothy Dolan & John Allen Jr
Softcover / 256pp

In this Catholic book, Cardinal Dolan shares a perspective which is typically not part of the information an average person would know through todays media. This omission often leaves outsiders with a terribly flawed grasp of whats actually happening in the Church. Legitimate stories on, for example, abuse and Church authority cant be dissolved by reactive conspiracy theories about how the media is out to get the Catholic Church. That said, if these scandals are all there is to the Catholic Church, why would anyone bother being Catholic? Yet tens of millions of Americans, and hundreds of millions more around the world, still turn to the Church for inspiration, for its sacramental life, for its experience of community and service. In every diocese in America you can find parishes that are flourishing.

In, "A People of Hope" Cardinal Timothy Dolan is seen at his best, capturing an upbeat, hopeful, affirming Catholicism thats the untold story about the Church today. Add to your cart or wish list above.