A Time To Die by Nicolas Diat

A Time To Die by Nicolas Diat

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A Time to Die
Monks on the Threshold of Eternal Life
By Nicolas Diat

"We were like you; you will be like us." So reads the solemn plaque outside the Capuchin bone chapel in Rome. An intense reminder that death is coming, and we never know the time. So how do monks, those men who have given their lives to God, prepare for death? Does religious life make dying easier? Or are they more like us than perhaps we realize? Within this unique Catholic book, you'll visit eight monasteries, and read the personal reflections of those who have been witness to the process of death; some peaceful, some painful, all sorrowful, and yet at times joyful as the soul flies to God. What are some insights to meeting death in a holy way? Humility, simplicity, and absolute trust in the Mercy of God.

Softcover, 174 pages
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