A Year with the Angels; Daily Meditations

A Year with the Angels; Daily Meditations

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Daily Meditations with the Messengers of God
By Mike Aquilina

In his previous release, you were invited on a year-long retreat with the Church Fathers; now Aquilina presents a new volume of contemplations and prayers about the most mysterious of all created beings: the Angels. This year, learn to appreciate our unique relationship with the angels. Add this powerful Catholic book to your cart or wish list above.

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An Amazing Book!
Omygoodness, where to begin?! _x000D_
As a member of the Opus Sanctorum Angelorum, I could not wait until this book was finally released ~ ordered it before it was even off the presses...have been using this book ever since it was first released...along with other angelic prayer aids, it is an invaluable help to me in daily meditations...especially when I visit the Blessed Sacrament._x000D_
The daily quotes from Scripture, along with prayers, meditations & inspirational suggestions are perfectly blended here to give a well-rounded source of never-ending visits with ones own Guardian, as well as with the entire Celestial Choir...this is truly a book that can never be exhausted!!_x000D_
I had mine blessed, as I use it like a regular prayer book, not just something to sit in my bookcase, only to be opened once in a while...but to be kept nearby, every day, to be referred to again and again._x000D_
I also have two others in the series, A Year with the Bible and A Year with the Saints ~ also both blessed ~ which I use as often as possible._x000D_
I highly recommend this series...the other one, A Year with the Church Fathers, I do not own, but would like to...maybe sometime soon?_x000D_
Anyone who purchases any of these books will NOT be disappointed, I promise!!!
Review by JENNIFER / (Posted on 11/1/2013)