Abandonment to God by Fr. Joel Guibert

Abandonment to God by Fr. Joel Guibert

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Abandonment to God: The Way of Peace of St. Therese of Lisieux
By Fr. Joel Guibert

In our day, we could all use some advice on how to find true peace, even when beset by anxiety, stress and doubt. Within this Catholic book, discover the Little Way of the Little Flower of Carmel. Far from being a practice for cloistered nuns, this is a spirituality that anyone can embrace. Led by Father Joel, discover how surrendering to God's Providence in your prayers, dealings with others, in your concerns about loved ones, in regards your sufferings and more can truly lead to joy. And in fact the Way itself becomes a joy. In our darkest moments, when feel powerless and small, that is when Jesus will stoop down to us and show us the wonders of His love.

Softcover, 173 pages
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