Alder Plank Grilling Kit

Alder Plank Grilling Kit

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From St. Joseph Carmelite Monastery
Comes with: Alder wood grilling plank, food quality brush, one 8oz bottle of specialty grilling sauce, seasoning rub (5g bag), small booklet of plank grilling recipes.
*NOTE: Alder wood plank can vary in size due to being a naturally cut piece. Approx. 7 x 18".

For the serious grillmaster or cook, this is a beautiful, naturally cut piece of alder wood, a hardwood, making it perfect for grilling or used in your oven. The alder wood plank *must soak for at least 1 hour* in water, juice or wine (depending on what you're cooking) and then pre-heated on your gas or charcoal grill or in the oven before using. Once hot, you're ready to lay on the foods of your choice and get cooking!

Wood plank grilling is popular for cooking foods such as beef steak, chicken and fish. The smokey, woodsy properties of the wood add flavor and distinction to the dish. Grilling sauce and seasoning rub also sold individually as well as other seasonings and specialty jams. Makes a great gift for anyone who loves to cook!

The Alder Plank products are made by lay Carmelites to support the St. Joseph Carmelite monastery.