An Angel at Christmas by Alvaro Correa

An Angel at Christmas by Alvaro Correa

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By Alvaro Correa - Illustrated by Gloria Lorenzo
Softcover - 96pp

Jimmy had a unique Christmas tradition. Each Christmas Eve he took up his slingshot, aimed skyward, and fired a personal message to heaven. The custom was just Jimmy's little way of saying a special prayer on a special day. He prayed that "the Infant Jesus will be born in many hearts." One amazing Christmas, his prayer was answered - in a most unexpected way.

Accompanied by his guardian angel, Jimmy visits the Holy Family and they encourage him to make his wide-eyed wish come true. Together Jimmy and his "angel buddy" travel the world delivering figures of the Infant Jesus to people setting up their Nativity scenes. Join Jimmy on his journey and don't be surprised if, somewhere along the way, his Christmas prayer becomes your own! Add to your cart or wish list above.