Arriving at Amen by Leah Libresco

Arriving at Amen by Leah Libresco

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Seven Catholic Prayers That Even I Can Offer
Author: Leah Libresco
Softcover - 157pp

In 2012, media outlets from CNN to EWTN announced that Leah Libresco, a gifted young intellectual, columnist, and prolific blogger on the Atheist channel on Patheos, was converting to Catholicism. In "Arriving at Amen", Libresco uses the rigorous rationality that defined her Atheism to tell the story behind that very personal journey and to describe the seven forms of Catholic prayer that guided her to embrace a joyful life of faith.

As a Yale graduate, Libresco launched her writing career by blogging about science, literature, mathematics, and morality from a distinctively secular perspective. Over time, encounters with friends and associates caused her to concede the reasonableness of belief in God in theory, though not yet in practice.

In this Catholic book, she uniquely describes the second part of her spiritual journey, in which she encountered God through seven classic Catholic forms of prayerLiturgy of the Hours, lectio divina, examen, intercessory prayer, the Rosary, Confession, and the Mass. Examining each practice through the intellectual lens of literature, math, and art, she reveals unexpected glimpses of beauty and truth in the Catholic Church that will be appreciated by the curious and convinced alike. Add to your cart or wish list above.