Art & Scholasticism by Jacques Maritain

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By Jacques Maritain
Softcover - 296pp

"Art and Scholasticism" is Jacques Maritains classic argument for an objective view of both art and the artist. Like T. S. Eliot, Maritain sees the artist as essentially a maker or craftsman and not the vatic orifice of romanticisms myth. Maritain provides a strong dissenting perspective on the lazy, self-flattering artistic assumptions of the past two centuries. Brian Barbours Introduction gives a fascinating summary of Maritains philosophical background, his conversion to Catholicism and work in Thomistic thought, and the importance of Art and Scholasticism in understanding aestheticsbe it in poetry, painting, music, or literature. Art and Scholasticism is a must-read for lovers of art and wisdom alike. Place into the cart or wish list above.

Some chapter titles and content include:

The Speculative Order and the Practical Order
Art; An Intellectual Virtue
Art and Beauty
The Purity of Art
Christian Art
Art and Morality and more!