Baby and Beyond by Allison Auth

Baby and Beyond by Allison Auth

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Baby and Beyond: Overcoming Those Post-Childbirth Woes
By Allison Auth

This unique Catholic book was written from the perspective of a woman who has gone through post-partum depression, and developed a powerful plan using her experiences to aid other women in getting through the time after childbirth. You are not alone! This book will help you plan self-care routines, as well as provide tips for maintaining your relationship with God during those difficult months. And while of course it's no replacement for your health and wellness provider's advice, in here you'll discover:

- How to find more energy and balance in your daily and spiritual life.
- Vitamins, sleep and exercise ideas.
- How to over-come negative self-talk about your post-pregnancy body.
- How to be open to friendship with other mothers (and why you should!)
And more!

Softcover, 137 pages
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