Bad Shepherds by Rod Bennett

Bad Shepherds by Rod Bennett

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Bad Shepherds
The Dark Years in Which the Faithful Thrived While Bishops Did the Devil's Work
By Rod Bennett

The terrible scandals that have rocked the Church over the last several years have left many of the faithful confused, and some are even tempted to leave the Faith. But within the pages of this Catholic book, history lover Rod Bennett will remind us that bad shepherds have been with the Church since Judas Iscariot himself.

While it can be shocking to discover widespread corruption in the ranks of the clergy, this journey through history will show you how the lay people actually thrived during such times, and that very often it was they who held firm to the ancient and true Christian religion, even as their spiritual leaders betrayed not only them but Christ Himself.

Written in a style that is more like historical narrative, this is an easy to read and understand work.
Softcover, 147 pages
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