Barbara Pewter Patron Saint Statue

Barbara Pewter Patron Saint Statue

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St Barbara Virgin, Martyr Statue
Measures 3.5 "

Made of pewter, comes in deluxe gift box with laminated prayer card.

During the 3rd century, St. Barbara lived as the daughter of a rich heathen named Dioscuros. Jealous of her beauty, her father built a tower with solid walls and imprisoned her there. Her only request was that there be "three windows because they would betoken God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, the three persons in one true God that we ought to believe and worship.

Infuriated at her Christian admission, Dioscuros drew his sword from its sheath and tried to slay Barbara. She quickly prayed to God for help and was miraculously hidden from Dioscuros' wrath.  Time passed and Dioscuros brought her before a pagan civil judge who told her to recant Christ and give homage to the gods. She refused and was condemned to be executed. She was martyred by her father. As he descended from the remote mount where he had beheaded her