Beyond Me, My Selfie & I

Beyond Me, My Selfie & I by Teresa Tomeo

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Finding Real Happiness in a Self-Absorbed World
Author: Teresa Tomeo
Softcover - 160pp

Teresa Tomeo, media expert and host of the syndicated radio program Catholic Connection, believes selfie culture represents a society that is losing touch with its humanity. In this powerful Catholic book, she offers real ways to rebel against the narcissism of modern life and rediscover our relationship with each other, the beauty of natureand, most importantly, God.

Tomeo explores Church teachings and Scripture passages about self-centeredness versus other-centeredness, as well as the thoughts of Popes John Paul II, Benedict and Francis, all of whom have written and spoken extensively about the proper use of media. Shes also gathered practical advice from a number of media experts on how to find balance when it comes to selfies and other media activities.

Tomeo makes the case for selfie control, with advice for moms and dads on navigating todays media minefields. Shell also provide research-backed methods for finding real happiness by giving and putting others first rather than staying focused on oneself.

When your identity is focused in Christas opposed to yourselflife becomes so much more than fleeting moments of attention. Youll read inspiring examples of individuals who made a real difference in the world, as well as people whose change in media habits changed their livesand the lives of othersin surprising ways. Place into the cart or wish list above.