Humility Book by DR Dietrich Von Hildebrand

Humility Book by DR Dietrich Von Hildebrand

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Wellspring of Virtue
By: Dr. Dietrich Von Hildebrand
Softcover / 120 pp

Of all sins, pride is the most dangerous . . . and the most sorrowful. It cuts you off from God, estranges you from others, and leaves you lost and unhappy. These pages show you how to drive pride from your soul. Youll learn to recognize its many forms (including some that masquerade as virtue), and youll come to see just why theyre such barriers to happiness and to holiness.

You'll learn:

How humility breaks the back of every form of pride
Why it is impossible to grow spiritually without humility
Why humility is a form of strength not weakness (as many falsely believe)
How humility enables you to acknowledge even your gravest sins without despairing
How humility helps you to see the world clearly, and to love all things in it with greater intensity
How humility allows you to experience the consolation of Gods loving embrace
Why only humility ensures true freedom
How humility enables you to see God not as a vague presence, but as a Person who knows and loves you
How humility helps you to see the dignity of every person (even the dignity of those youre tempted to scorn)
How humility lets you hear God calling you personally to life with Him
Why you best imitate Christ, Mary, and the saints by striving for humility
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