Blanket For Baby Jesus

Blanket For Baby Jesus

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Blanket For Baby Jesus
Catholic Gifts and Crafts for Advent and Christmas

For little ones, understanding the holy seasons of Advent and Christmas can get lost in the shuffle of the more secular world we live in. But with this project for the whole family, they will create their very own blankie for the Baby Jesus. When children help create something, not only do the retain the creative process and lessons learned, but they treasure the item, hold it dear and special. When finished, this plush figure can rest in a manger, or be gently snuggled while reading the story of the Nativity.

Fleece fabric for the blanket, felt for the decorations, patterns, instructions, and one 12" plush Jesus. You will need to provide glue and scissors. Adult help and supervision required. Finished size will be approx. 16 x 12"

A lovely craft to engage children to bring Jesus closer at Christmas.
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