Canon Law Explained by MSGR Laurence J Spiteri, JCD PHD

Canon Law Explained by MSGR Laurence J Spiteri, JCD PHD

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A Handbook for Laymen
By Msgr Laurence J Spiteri, JCD, PHD
Introduction by Cardinal Justin Rigali
Softcover - 291 pp

Not only inefficiency, but frustration, disorder, anger, and injustice threaten all human endeavors, no matter how pure their motives or high their ideals. That's why successful organizations always create employee handbooks and clear procedure manuals that delineate where authority lies, how conflicts are to be resolved, and, above all, how each organization's mission is (and is not) to be accomplished.

Is it any wonder then that the Catholic Churchcomprised not of 200 persons but 1.2 billion members in 200 countriesalso governs itself by means of a handbook, which it calls the Code of Canon Law?

If you want to know the Church for who She is, you need to be familiar with the Code of Canon Law. In here, you'll find fascinating canons that lay out the Church's official principles and procedures governing matters as various as abbots and annulments, scandals and Sacraments, monks and missions, bishops and books, priests and popes, synods and sacraments, homeschoolers, hostile witnesses, baptisms, burials, parishes, penance, confessions, Councils, impotence, imprimaturs and more! Add to your cart or wish list above.