Catholic Social Teaching

Catholic Social Teaching by Daniel Schwindt

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A New Synthesis
Rerum Novarum to Laudato Si
By Daniel Schwindt

"We need to develop a new synthesis capable of overcoming the false arguments of recent centuries. Christianity, in fidelity to its own identity and the rich deposit of truth which it has received from Jesus Christ, continues to reflect on these issues in fruitful dialogue with changing historical situations. In doing so, it reveals its eternal newness." - From the encyclical letter Laudato Si'

In answer to the pope's call for "a new synthesis" comes this highly accessible work. Author Daniel Schwindt also supplies a brief but succinct historical background for this remarkable and influential series of reflections on war and peace, social justice, economics and property, and much more.

What Pope Francis' latest major statement has also brought into public view is the long and powerful tradition of Catholic reflection on society and its arrangements--economic, political, social and now environmental--known as Catholic social teachings, the "unexploded dynamite of the Church," as Catholic social activist Peter Maurin once put described them. Place into the cart or wish list above.

In their modern form, these documents date from Pope Leo XIII's "Rerum Novarum" (1891) and continue down through the papacies of St. John Paul II, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, and Pope Francis.