Catholicism and Evolution by Michael Chaberek, OP

Catholicism and Evolution by Michael Chaberek, OP

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A History from Darwin to Pope Francis
Author: Fr. Michael Chaberek, O.P.
Softcover - 354pp

For Catholics, the question of Evolution touches on all the most important topics: the nature of God and his work in the world, the nature of life, and the status of man in the universe. It is also a subject of perennial controversy and confusion. Some see the Darwinian theory of evolution as a major agent in discrediting the Churchs doctrine on creation, undermining biblically-based morality and the concept of human exceptionalism. Others regard Darwinian theory as compatible with biblical faith and Catholic tradition. Has the Church itself evolved? Or are there certain truths that are permanent and irreplaceable?

Fr. Michael Chaberek is a Polish Dominican who has studied creation doctrine from Old and New Testament accounts to the Church Fathers, to the Medieval Scholastics (especially St. Thomas Aquinas), to the Vaticans internal and public papers of the 19th and 20th centuriesand on into our own times and the pronouncements of recent popes. His new Catholic book gathers all doctrinal statements on Evolution and presents the history of the engagement of Catholicism with natural science since Darwin presented his theory in 1859. What he finds is a clear path that gradually became twisted and over-grown. His exploration of that path is both scholarly and engrossing. Place into the cart or wish list above.