Childless by Brian J Gail

Childless by Brian J Gail

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By: Brian J Gail

Catholic fiction unlike anything you've ever read! This heart-pounding adventure spanning forty years culminates in Childless, the third novel in Brian J Gail's "American Tragedy in Trilogy." The reader is propelled from Manhattan boardrooms to European capitals to Middle East laboratories to Church confessionals. Step into these pages and follow Fr. John Sweeney and the families he serves as they struggle to live their Catholic faith in a world that grows more hostile with every turn of the page. Gail throws back the veil on issues both explosive and personal in the lives of the characters-from contraception to IVF, from the Pill to pornography, and into the transhumanist underpinnings of embryonic stem cell research, and a whole lot more. The characters are just like us...who must confront agonizing decisions they would rather avoid. Book due out in October