Christ at Hearts Door Laminated Plaque

Christ at Hearts Door Laminated Plaque

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Christ at Hearts Door Plaque
Measures 5 " x 7 "

Laminated gold mylar framed plaques.

Christ at Hearts Door is the second most cited image by Sallman. It was inspired by a tradition of British and German painting and prints from the nineteenth century which depict Christ knocking at the door of a home. The picture, whose subject is based on Revelation 3:30: Behold, I stand at the door and knock . . .

The barely concealed heart produced by the luminance of Christ and the frame of the doorway convey Christs call to the soul ensnared in thistles of sin and the darkness of ignorance and willfulness. Yet, all is not hopeless, for there is an opening of grillwork in the door revealing the darkness within, so that the individual may see who is at the door, and see that He is good and kind. The image offers assurance of Christs benevolent yet persistent love. Still others interpret the image in terms of the freedom of will.