Christian Self Mastery by Fr Basil Maturin

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How to Govern Your Thoughts, Discipline Your Will, and Achieve Balance in Your Spiritual Life
Author: Fr Basil Maturin
Softcover - 240pp

How to resist temptation, strengthen your will, govern your thoughts, and find balance of soul!

This is the Catholic book you need for those times in your life when even your most strenuous efforts to follow Christ end in frustration. Christian Self-Mastery explains why following Him can be so difficult and how you can start now to make progress even in the most vexing areas of your life.

Author Fr. Basil W. Maturin insists that no matter how hard you're trying now, you can have a better relationship with God and greater self-mastery if you follow his simple steps to getting your passions in check and improving your knowledge of your own motives, desires, and fears.

Fr. Maturin emphasizes the crucial role that self-discipline plays in your spiritual life and gives you solid ways you can distinguish it from counterfeits and avoid common mistakes people make when they try to change their habits and live for God. This extraordinary book will help you in myriad ways to rise above your limitations and truly meet God! Place this great Catholic book into your cart or wish list above.

Start on the way to true self-mastery as you learn:
Two things you must know in order to make any progress at all in your spiritual life
Why it's dangerous for you to try to adopt a large number of spiritual disciplines all at once
Self-knowledge: why it involves so much more than its contemporary counterfeit, self-analysis
Two ways to avoid self-deception when you look at yourself (caution: you'll probably be surprised at who you really are!)
Why self-control and self-denial are not morbid and gloomy, but hopeful and even joyful - when undertaken properly
Self-discipline: how it will restore your soul to its full power. Three things you must have in order to gain this power
The mistake many people make when trying to rid themselves of evil thoughts: are you falling into this trap too?
Love: the holy school that will purify and ennoble yours - and help you steer clear of prevalent modern counterfeits
And more that will show you the value of self-mastery - and give you solid directions for attaining it!