Church Militant Field Manual by Fr Richard Heilman

Church Militant Field Manual by Fr Richard Heilman

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Special Forces Training for the Life in Christ
Author: Fr. Richard M. Heilman
Softcover / 293pp

The Church Militant Field Manual will test you in your resolve to become strong in the Lord and His mighty power. You will also learn the special operations (special ops), techniques and procedures for search and rescue missions of fallen comrades (family and friends whose faith has grown weak). Although rarely wielded by Catholics today, this supernatural strength and these techniques are truly authentic gifts of the Church that are field-tested and battle hardened. Add to the cart or wish list above.

Some content included:
Pope John Paul II's Master Plan
Spiritual Heroism
Warrior Ethos
Top Secret to Happiness
Store Up Spiritual Energy
Church Militant Boot Camp

Also contains a wealth of powerful prayers and devotions to aid you in the serving the Lord Jesus!