Comfort My People

Comfort My People

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A Pastoral Care Prayerbook for Ministry to the Sick, Suffering, Dying, and Bereaved
Edited by Linus Mundy
Leatherette Softcover - 304pp

Those engaged in the spiritual dimensions of care, through chaplaincy, healthcare, hospice, Stephen ministry, spiritual direction, or pastoral ministry, see first-hand how belief in a God who is both close by and loving brings comfort, consolation, and healing. This new Catholic book includes an essential collection of prayers: Including:
For praying for and with the sick, suffering, or dying; for those in recovery; for the bereaved; for funerals; and more!

The authors of these prayers write from rich and diverse backgrounds. They are poets, composers, biblical figures, saints, clergy of all denominations, and many hearken back to past centuries, yet their messages still ring true and strong. And each prayer is open to your own adaptation and personalization, allowing you to select just the right tone and temperament for individuals in your care.

This elegant book features Smythe-sewn binding with foil-stamped burgundy, textured leatherette cover, gilt-edged pages, and tri-ribbon page marker.