Common Sense Catholicism by Bill Donohue

Common Sense Catholicism by Bill Donohue

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Common Sense Catholicism
How to Resolve Our Cultural Crisis
By Bill Donohue

In this Catholic book, the authors demonstrates how the teachings of the timeless Faith are those that fit best with human nature; and thus all of society will flourish when these teachings are implemented and lived by humanity. Within these pages then are not only solid teachings of the Church, but a remedy for much of what the Western world is currently facing.

Topics covered include:
- True liberty
- Sexual freedom and the forefathers of the sexual revolt.
- Fraternity, relationships and the need for religious organizations.
- Economic inequality and more.

With each chapter, the author shows how each of the areas of trouble can be aided and made holy by a real understanding of human nature, and a society built on the Roman Catholic faith.

Softcover, 291 pages
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