Crusader Cross T-Shirt

Crusader Cross T-Shirt

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CRUSADER CROSS T-SHIRT>br> Available in sizes Medium, Large, XLarge & XXLarge
Note: This full color t-shirt, although it may not appear so in the picture, has white wrinkle marks that are in fact on purpose and unique to each individual t-shirt. THIS IS NOT AN ERROR!

Front of full color t-shirt is the Jerusalem Cross, also known as the cross used by the Crusaders fighting for the Holy Land. On the back of the t-shirt is the testimony of St Peter Damien about St George. It reads:

"Saint George was a man who abandoned one army for another: he gave up the rank of tribune to enlist as a soldier for Christ. Eager to encounter the enemy, he first stripped away his worldly wealth by giving all he had to the poor. Then, free and unencumbered, bearing the shield of faith, he plunged into the thick of the battle, an ardent soldier for Christ. Clearly what he did serves to teach us a valuable lesson: if we are afraid to strip ourselves of our worldly possessions, then we are unfit to make a strong defense of the faith. Dear brothers, let us not only admire the courage of this fighter in Heaven's army, but follow his example. Let us be inspired to strive for the reward of heavenly glory. We must now cleanse ourselves, as Saint Paul tells us, from all defilement of body and spirit, so that one day we too may deserve to enter that temple of blessedness to which we now aspire."

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