Crusader Rosary

Crusader Rosary

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Crusader Rosary
Catholic Rosaries for the Church Militant

This Catholic rosary says, "I am a warrior for Jesus and Mary," in a bold way. Made with high quality, flexible black paracord and 13mm stainless steel beads, this weighty weapon of Our Lady features a striking Helm of the Crusader as the centerpiece, paired with the immensely powerful Saint Benedict Medal crucifix. Each of the steel Hail Marys is marked with the Cross of the Crusades as well. Absolutely one of the finest rosaries available.

Crucifix: 3 x 1.75"
Helm: 1"

Measures 22" long, handmade in the USA and backed by the vendor with a lifetime warranty. Truly, one of the strongest rosaries in the world.
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