David Bethany Series

David Bethany Series

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St David Bethany Saints Wall Cross
Measures 5 "

Genuine pewter, with prayer card.

David, the son of Jesse and descendant of Ruth, became King of israel after the death of the rebellious Saul, and thus began the golden age of Israel. This powerful King wisely governed the tribes of Israel, forging them into a united nation. God Blessed this man to be a valiant soldier, a great military strategist, an able administrator, a diplomat, a composer, a musician and king. Early in life, David accomplished a great victory over the Philistine enemies during the time of King Saul.

At age 17, he was summoned by King Saul to the battlefield to play music for Saul. Meanwhile the giant Philistine Goliath taunted the Israelites and dared them to send out their strongest soldier to do battle, a one-on-one battle to prove which side was the strongest. Although he had never been a soldier, David was so shocked to hear Goliaths insults and the lack of action