Dennis Pewter Patron Saint Statue

Dennis Pewter Patron Saint Statue

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St Dennis Statue
Measures 3.5 "

Made of pewter, comes in deluxe gift box with laminated prayer card.

Gregory of Tours simply states of Denis that he was bishop of the Parisii and was martyred by being beheaded by a sword. The earliest document giving an account of his life and martyrdom dating from circa AD 600 and wrongly attributed to the poet Venantius Fortunatus, is already embroidered with legend. Nevertheless, it appears from the passio that Denis was sent from Italy to convert Gaul in the third century, forging a link with the "apostles to the Gauls " reputed to have been sent out under the direction of Pope Fabian, after the persecutions under Emperor Decius had all but dissolved the small Christian community at Lutetia (Paris). Denis with his inseparable companions, the priest Rusticus and the deacon Eleutherius, who were martyred with him, settled on the Ile de la Cit in the Seine. Roman Paris lay on the higher ground of the Left Bank, awa