Diaries of the Chinese Martyrs by Gerolamo Fazzini

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Stories of Heroic Catholics Living in Mao's China
Edited by: Gerolamo Fazzini / Translated by Charlotte Fasi
Softcover - 384pp

With tens of millions killed and thousands of Catholics incarcerated because of rigged trials, China under Maos dictatorship was the Asian version of the Nazi concentration camps and the Soviet Gulag. Its one of the darkest moments in Church history one that continues to be played out to this day through a historic abuse of power and a seemingly endless hunt for believers in Jesus Christ and His Church.

Now the stories of these brave Catholic counter-revolutionaries are brought to you for the first time. These four autobiographical testimonies will leave you speechless and inspired. Youll witness the endless strength and hope these brave men displayed despite years of shocking psychological and physical abuse.

Nothing short of miraculous, youll hear their stories in the face of hunger, torture, interrogation, indoctrination, and the humiliation of the peoples trials. There emerged from these souls the crystalline faith of those brave enough to accept their own Calvary for fidelity to Christ without ever becoming slaves of hatred. Place this powerful Catholic book into your cart or wish list above.