Dolorous Passion by Anne Catherine Emmerich

Dolorous Passion by Anne Catherine Emmerich

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The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ
Based on the visions of the great mystic Anne Catherine Emmerich
Softcover, 382 pp

Sister Emmerich's account of the Passion and Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ, while faithful to the Bible, is heart-rending, edifying and surprising because of its intimate detail. Based on the visions of this great mystic, The Dolorous Passion recounts in incredible detail the horrendous sufferings undergone by our Saviour in His (it would seem) superhumanly heroic act of Redemption. Illuminating in its description of Mary's participation in the sufferings of her Son, this book gives the reader a poignant understanding of why Our Lady is sometimes called our "Co-Redemptrix. " The Dolorous Passion is a singular book that conveys a lasting impression of the terrible agony of Our Lord's sufferings for us. Here is a book that will melt a