Elizabeth with Roses Mini Wood Carved Statue

Elizabeth with Roses Mini Wood Carved Statue

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Saint Elizabeth of Hungary Woodcarved Statue
Available in 3", 6" and 8" sizes*

Carved from selected alpine maple or lindenwood and hand-painted by skilled artisans bring each piece to life. The result is a keepsake that will be with your family for many generations. Imported from Italy.

This noble woman wanted to aid her subjects by serving them with her own hands, rather than ruling from the seat of her throne. One day, while bringing the poor some bread, someone opposed to her actions came upon her. But when they looked, the bread had turned into roses, so that Elizabeth's charity would not be found out. For hidden acts are most pleasing to God.

*Please note there may be differences in style, appearence and price between the sizes.
Gift boxed.
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