Essential Tavener CD

Essential Tavener CD

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By John Tavener (1944-2013)
Running Time: 77 minutes

The contemplative stillness and sonic architecture of his music made Sir John Tavener one of the most popular British composers of recent times. This is a celebration of his profoundly beautiful and unmistakeable musical voice. Add it to your cart or wish list above!

1. The Lamb
2. The Tyger
3. Song for Athene
4. Mother of God, Here I Stand (The Veil of the Temple)
5. The Dormition of the Mother of God
6. The Protecting Veil (The Protecting Veil)
7. Today the Virgin
8. A Hymn to the Mother of God
9. What God Is We Do Not Know (The Veil of the Temple)
10. Funeral Ikos
11. Threnos
12. God Is With Us
13. A Christmas Round
14. Elizabeth Full of Grace
15. Dhyana (A Song for Nicola)
16. Song for Athene (for solo violin and orchestra)

Nicola Benedetti - Violin
Natalie Clein - Cello
The Choir of the Temple Church
The Holst Singers
English Chamber Orchestra / Brno Philharmonic Orchestra
Londan Philharmonic Orchestra
Stephen Layton, Andrew Litton, Mikel Tomas - Conductor