Father Amorth by Fr Gabriele Amorth

Father Amorth by Fr Gabriele Amorth

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Father Amorth - My Battle Against Satan
By Fr Gabriele Amorth

Priest and exorcist. These two words can sometimes conjure up images of a wizard-like figure doing battle with demons. But who was the man behind the image and was his life of faith like? In this Catholic book you'll discover a humble priest, a man of God, a Christian with sense of humor who was willing to take on whatever God, or the Devil, would hand him. In these never before published interviews, you'll discover Father Amorth anew and see how he handled his almost daily encounters with the souls who came to him for healing, and the oppressive spirits who may have come with them. Powerful! If you want the same inspirations that made Father willing to serve God with all his heart, you'll want this book.

Softcover, 186 pages
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