Florian Bethany Series

Florian Bethany Series

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St Florian
Christian Martyr
Bethany Saint Visor Clip

Made of genuine pewter.

Patron of firefighters (250-304) during the 4th century, Florian was born in Austria. Under the rule of the emperor Diocletian, Florian was an officer in the Roman army and advanced in the ranks of the army to occupy a position of his authority. It is believed that Florian saved a town from burning by throwing a single bucket of water on the blaze. During those times of anti-Christianity, one of the tasks of the Roman army was to search out and persecute those who were Christians and put them to death. Florian did not believe in the persecution of Christians and refused to carry out the order to put a group of Christians to death.

Florian progressed toward the conversion of faith to Christianity and as an Act of faith he surrendered himself to the governor