Fontanini Advent Calendar

Fontanini Advent Calendar

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Fontanini Advent Calendar
Featuring the Nativity Scene
20 x 8 x 1.5 (when open)
Not recommended for children younger than 7 without adult supervision

This beautiful Fontanini Advent calendar is a tool to follow a great family tradition starting from the first day of Advent. With this calendar, each day you add a new figure which, by Christmas, make the Nativity scene complete. The left panel includes the 3 kings, seated camel and an angel. The right panel includes 3 shepherds, a musician, an angel and a sheep. The center panel, of course, includes the Holy Family, cow, donkey, drummer boy, woman with duck, woman with hay bale, boy with water jugs, woman with water jugs, Shepherd and Gloria angel. Each piece is numbered to go with a corresponding numbered nail and storing this will just take the simple act of closing the front stable doors with pieces inside and latch. Add the beautiful Fontanini Advent Calendar to your cart now!