Fontanini Judith

Fontanini Judith

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Fontanini Villager Judith with Water Jug
Measures 5"
Includes story card
Gift boxed
Hand-painted polymer

Does your Village scene's well looks empty? It is probably because Judith is just about to get there to fetch water. Youngest of six daughters, Judith was very shy. She knew that she was grown up when she walked to the communal well alone to draw her water. She is depicted wearing a loose yellow robe, carrying water jugs with both hands in this hand-painted nativity figurine made of unbreakable, child-friendly polymer. Introduced in 1968, retired 1998, Judith is a part of the Fontanini 5" Heirloom Collection. Isn't this young beauty a great addition to your collection of Fontanini figurines? Add her to your cart or wish list today.