Fontanini Rebekah and Children

Fontanini Rebekah and Children

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Fontanini Villagers, Rebekah and Children, 5" Series
Signed* or Unsigned

Another mother and child figure to fill your nativity village scene is Rebekah and her children from the collection of 5 inch scale, hand-painted Fontanini figurines, available online at Leaflet Missal. Rebekah returned home from a trip to Bethlehem's market. A sense of peace filled the home as the Sabbath meal was prepared and a young neighbor entertained the children with music. Rebekah is represented carrying her baby with her right arm while holding hands with her toddler in this finely crafted polymer nativity figurine. Introduced in 2000, Rebekah and Children is a part of the Fontanini 5" Heirloom Collection.

Hand-painted figure from Tuscan artists!
*Signed figures available only during special event years.
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