For Better Forever by DR Greg and Lisa Popcak

For Better Forever by DR Greg and Lisa Popcak

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Revised and Expanded
By Gregory Popcak
Softcover, 256pp

Every married couple is on a journey...but not every couple is heading in the right direction. Marriage and family therapist Gregory Popcak shows couples where they are on The Relationship Pathway and, more importantly, how to turn things around if they aren't experiencing marital bliss. He reveals the secrets employed by couples who are in truly exceptional marriages and offers practical suggestions that can help achieve that same level of passionate, sacramental love. Dr. Popcak draws from his extensive experience with real-life couples, studies conducted by numerous authorities on the marital relationship, Catholic philosophy and his own experiences as a husband to teach couples how to get on the road to "happily ever after." Place into the cart or wish list above.