Forty Anti-Catholic Lies by Gerard Verschuuren

Forty Anti-Catholic Lies by Gerard Verschuuren

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Forty Anti-Catholic Lies 
A Mythbusting Apologist Sets The Record Straight
By Gerard Verschuuren

The Catholic religion contains a lot of beliefs, doctrines and teachings. So is it any wonder that there is confusion and misinformation on a whole host of topics? In this Catholic book, the author busts through 40 of the top issues that people either outright lie about, or simply do not have the full story. With precision and charity, this book will allow you to give confident answers to claims like:

- Catholics still live in the Dark Ages
- The Church oppresses women
- The faith is against free speech
- The Inquisition killed thousands
- The Church enabled Hitler
- And the usual Catholic worship statues, Mary and invented priests, and so many more!

Softcover, 352 pages.
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