Friends of the Bridegroom by Marc Cardinal Ouellet

Friends of the Bridegroom by Marc Cardinal Ouellet

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Friends of the Bridegroom: For a Renewed Vision of Priestly Celibacy.
By Marc Cardinal Ouellet

In our modern day, it can be hard for a priest to understand his role. In particular, the practice of clerical celibacy is often called into question, even by well-meaning people. In this beautifully written Catholic book for priests, those called to priestly ordination will find support and reminders of the dignity of their vocation. Drawing on sacred Tradition, Cardinal Ouellet draws it into our present time and adds fresh insights that will challenge us to think anew about the beauty and power of the priesthood. Far from just a treatise on celebacy, this is a book for today's priest when the Church needs strong men to lead in the re-evangelization of the world gone the way of secularism.

Softcover, 239 pages.
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