From Top Model to Role Model

From Top Model to Role Model

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76 Minutes

In her new DVD, From Top Model to Role Model, fashion model and Catholic revert Leah Darrow offers her own story of sin and redemption as a case study in how damaging the current culture can be to women.

In From Top Model to Role Model, Leah takes you behind the scenes of the high-pressure world of high fashion.

Launching her career as a cast member of the TV reality show Americas Next Top Model, Leah plunged headfirst into the modeling business.

Today, recovering from the ordeal and having returned to the Catholic Church of her childhood, Leah speaks to young people, in particular young women, about the importance of maintaining their dignity and their relationship with God.

Using humor and heartfelt stories from her own life, Leah shares with young people the facts about:
the false promises of Hollywood, high fashion, and celebrity culture, how modesty, purity, and true love are connected, why its important to define your worth not by the worlds standards, but by Gods, the role that parents play as (sometimes) secret allies, how a persons outward image reflects the interior state, and how prayer affects both, why offering virginity outside of marriage as a sign of true love is a mistake, why celebrating womanhood through fashion makes no sense, and why immodesty cheapens womanhood.