Gerard Bethany Series

Gerard Bethany Series

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St Gerard Majella
Bethany Saint Visor Clip

Made of genuine pewter.

Patron of expectant mothers (1725-1755) in 1725, Gerard Majella was born as the son of a tailor in Muro, Italy. Gerard`s Father died when he was 12 years old which left the family in poverty. Gerard was apprenticed to a tailor who was very unkind. Gerard attempted to join the capuchin monastery, but his poor health prevented him from joining the monastery. So Gerard was accepted as a lay Brother who served his order as a tailor, infirmarian, gardener and porter.

During his laymanship, Gerard was accused by a woman as being the Father of her unborn child. Because of this accusation, Gerard retreated into silence until the woman later cleared him of the accusation. This incident led to Gerard becoming associated with pregnancies and childbirth. He