Gregorian Chant - The Office CD

Gregorian Chant - The Office CD

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The Office - The Mass - Varia
Made in Germany
Archiv Produktion

German: Chor der Monche der Erzabtei Beuron Pater Maurus Pfaff
English: Choir of monks of the Archabbey Beuron Father Maurus Pfaff

Gregorian chant recordings from the Benedictine monks of Beuron Archabbey in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany from 1953-59. Regarded as the model of chant of their day, these recordings are available for the first time on CD! Add these powerful Catholic chants to your cart or wish list above.

Disc 1: The Office
Second Christmas Vespers
Christmas Compline
Marian Antiphons

Disc 2: The Mass I
First Mass for Christmas Day
Easter Sunday Mass: Introitus-Sanctus

Disc 3: The Mass II
Easter Sunday Mass: Pater Noster - Ite missa est
Assumption Day Mass
Missa de Angelis
Missa brevis cum Asperges me

Disc 4: Varia
Palm Sunday
Laudes solemnes
Ordo exsequiarum