Hauntings, Possessions, And Exorcisms by Adam C Blai

Hauntings, Possessions, And Exorcisms by Adam C Blai

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Hauntings, Possessions, And Exorcisms
By Adam C. Blai

In this Catholic book, you'll discover the differences between the various manifestations of the demonic fallen angels. As well as important information about whom should be dealing a particular person and their case. Sometimes a person needs the Sacraments, sometimes prayer, sometimes a full exorcism, and yet sometimes they need medical attention to correct a mental disorder or illness. The author not only has a Masters in psychology, but actually trains exorcists for various dioceses.

Topics covered:
- The rules demonos operate under.
- Paranormal television
- Cults
- Types of spiritual intervention.
- Hauntings and more!

Softcover, 143 pages.
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