He Spoke to Us

He Spoke to Us by Fr George William Rutler

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Discerning God in People and Events
By: George William Rutler
Softcover - 235pp

These sparkling essays on a variety of interesting subjects are written with insight and wit by an author widely recognized as one of the finest masters of English prose in the Catholic Church today. Fr. George Rutler touches upon philosophy, theology, history, biography, art, travel, politics, and more as he shows Christ making himself known to us in the events of daily life.

A parish priest in New York City, Fr. Rutler has seen, and been edified by, the comings and goings of countless souls. He shows that they, and indeed all of us, are like the men on the road to Emmauscommon pedestrians walking, often unknowingly, with Christ, who explains the meaning of things and sets their hearts aflame. Place into the cart or wish list above.