Herbert Howells - St Michael Requiem CD

Herbert Howells - St Michael Requiem CD

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Artist - Glori Dei Cantores
Directed by Elizabeth C. Patterson
Approximately 68 minutes

In the vast choral repertoire of the twentieth century, the music of Herbert Howells stands apart: unmatched in its complexion of color and expressivity, and unfailing in its ability to move hearts. Glori Dei Cantores pays tribute to Howells' gift of music to the church and the world, with this collection of choral works beloved on both sides of the Atlantic. Add to your collection by placing this album into the cart or wish list above.

Behold, O God our Defender
A Sequence for Saint Michael
Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis
Take Him, Earth, for Cherishing

- Salvator mundi
- Psalm 23
- Requiem aeternam I
- Psalm 121
- Requiem aeternam II
- I heard a voice from heaven

Te Deum Laudamus