Holy Mass Miraculous Crucifix

Holy Mass Miraculous Crucifix

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Measures 8"
Made of metal with blue epoxy.  St. Benedict medal on the back.
Comes boxed.


A papal blessing from Pope Benedict 16th will be imparted to this crucifix once it is blessed by a priest. Anyone who prays for the apostolate, or gifts this crucifix is helping to promote this apostolate and therby receives the papal blessing. Anyone who meditates upon the Holy Mass, or prays with this crucifix receives the papal blessing.


Once the Holy Mass Crucifix and/or Rosaries are blessed by a Priest the Apostolic Blessings and Indulgences of 3 Popes are imparted to them:


1. The Apostolic Blessing of Pope Benedict XVI for the Holy Mass Crucifix and the Apostolate
2. The Apostolic Blessing of Pope Francis who joined  Pope Benedict with his Apostolic Blessing for the Holy Mass Crucifix
3. The indulgences of the St. Benedict Medal (on the back of every Holy Mass Crucifix product) granted by Pope Benedict XIV in the year 1742.


This blessing is also imparted to those who gift one of these items, since they are helping to promote the work of the Holy Mass Crucifix Apostolate, and the work of Holy Church.