Home for Good by Mother Mary Loyola

Home for Good by Mother Mary Loyola

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by Mother Mary Loyola

The unassuming title "Home for Good" and the original motivation Mother Loyola had in writing this book--that is, to help young ladies who were finishing boarding school to make the right choices in life--both utterly belie the groundbreaking significance of its content. This classic Catholic book is a rock on which an unshakable faith can be built amidst the storms and calms of everyday life.

Having spent most of her adult life in educating young ladies, Mother Loyola was intimately familiar with the character of youth as well as the challenges young people face when confronted with the temptations of worldliness. Though this book was written with her young charges in mind, it is no less relevant to young men, who endure the same enticements--and in our own culture, perhaps even greater ones. It is a clarion call to young Catholics to hold fast to their faith and morals in a world that seeks to destroy that faith at every opportunity. Readers of all ages, both male and female, have equally to gain by reading from this book regularly. Add to the cart or wish list above.